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At Threadline, we believe in continuous development. So, we’ve done some research on a few programs that we think will elevate your skills as a social science-minded marketer. These courses are guaranteed to develop you as marketers that care about the consumers you serve and the brands you build to help them. Check them out and if you sign up for one, let us know! Maybe we’ll see you on the forums!

Behavioral Economics Bootcamp by Irrational Labs

If you want to understand human behavior from the teams researching and teaching about it day-in and day-out, this course is for you. With options for both a general consumer focus or a health focus, participants learn about the drivers of behavior and how to use them to motivate your audience to adopt, engage with and retain your product or service. Dan Ariely and Kristen Berman, founders of Irrational Labs, are celebrities within the BE world. Swoon.

Designing Strategy by IDEO U

IDEO is the power player in design thinking, and they’ve applied their principles to strategy. The course will help you identify a strategic problem, reframe it, and come up with opportunities to solve it. Not only that, the classes are an encouraging mix of self-driven and group-oriented work so that you can learn from their staff and other participants. IDEO U has consistently useful content. This new course no doubt lives up to that bar.

Goodvertising by 42 Courses

We just discovered 42 Courses this past year, and it is chock full of valuable content for the modern marketer. This course is one of the most interesting. It will walk you through the steps to build a brand that will impact your bottom line AND help make the planet a better place. 42 Courses also offers a subscription service that will give you access to all of their courses – an unbeatable deal since there were many more programs from 42 Courses that were hard to exclude from this list.

Fundraising & Marketing: Building Nonprofit Capacity by the Kellogg School Center for Nonprofit Management

For the nonprofit marketers in the bunch – or those aspiring to be one – this is one of the most comprehensive programs you can find. Across an intensive six days, participants have the opportunity to learn alongside Kellogg professors and practitioners – like our very own, Kristian Aloma, Ph.D. The program is also eligible for those seeking continuing education credits.

Each of these development ideas for marketers is sure to elevate your skills and your role in your organization. If you want to bring the knowledge to your company’s masses, you should also consider Threadline’s Skill-Building Workshops. Each one codifies our processes and principles – from behavioral economics to storytelling to psychology – and shares them in engaging and practical sessions for your whole team. We have a few ready to go and are always willing to design a custom one to meet your team’s needs. If you want to learn more, send us a note, and we can start putting a program together for you.